Study Option 2 (Structured Distance Learning Package with Attendance at Live Classes)

Study Option 2 (Structured Distance Learning Package with Attendance at Live Classes)

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Under the structured distance learning program with attendance at live classes, the below materials are sent out to all students via secure DHL Worldwide Express courier service. 


  • Permitted Exam Textbook (see here)
  • Study Manual
  • Revision Question Bank
  • Past papers, answers, example student scripts and examiner's comments (although the answers are sent to you, if you prefer, you can complete and have the questions marked by our lecturers, allowing you to monitor your own progress)
  • 24/7 access to a dedicated lecturer
  • Access to exclusive award winning online video tutorials 


In addition, students attend our intensive ADIT live tuition and revision classes consisting of:

  • Part 1 Tuition Class – 2 days
  • Part 2 Tuition Class – 3 days
  • Revision Class – 2 days


Due to COVID restrictions, for the June 2021 exams, we have had to limit the choice of dates available for each of the courses in various locations around the world. All classes will be taught online. Students should attend a Part 1 and Part 2 taught tuition class along with a revision class. Part 1 tuition classes cover the first half of the syllabus and Part 2 tuition classes cover the second half of the syllabus, both of which are equally important along with the revision class for successful preparation for the exam.

Autumn 2021 Class Schedule (for exams in December 2021)

The standard charge of studying any of the papers with us is USD $4,250 per paper, per student.